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Lipid Panel    $49

Complete Blood Count (CBC)    $39

C-Reactive Protein    $59

PSA    $49

TSH    $69

Complete Metabolic (CMP)    $49

CA-125    $79

Vitamin D3 – 25 Hydroxy    $79

Vitamin B 12    $59

Hemoglobin A1C    $49

Homocysteine    $89

IGF-1    $99

MTHFR    $189

Arthritis Panel (ANA, RF, C-RP, Sed rate, Uric acid)    $149

Anemia Panel (Ferritin, TIBC, Vitamin B12, Folate, Retic count)    $149

Cardiac Panel (Lipid, CMP, Homocysteine, LPa, C-RP)    $169

Food Allergy Testing (price depends on # of foods tested)  starting at    $395

Neurotransmitter Urine Test    $360

Heavy Metal (Toxic Element) Urine Test    $259

Liver/Hepatic Panel: $49

Blood Draw for Outside Test Kit    $79

Comprehensive Health Panel (Lipids, CBC, CMP, TSH)    $139

Add PSA    $159

Comprehensive MicroNutrient Testing    $449

Thyroid Panel (TSH, Free T3, Free T4)    $129

Female Hormone Panel (Estradiol, FSH, Progesterone, free and total testosterone, thyroid panel, DHEA-s, cortisol)    $299

Male Hormone Panel (Free/total testosterone, estradiol, thyroid panel, DHT, DHEA-s, cortisol)    $299

Individual Hormones    $69

Saliva Testing – prices are comparable to blood

COVID-19 Antibody Test     $199

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